Monday, November 12, 2012

No New Orders Until After the New Year

I've decided to stop taking new orders until after the New Year.  I've been doing this full time with few days off for several years now.  Now I have another full time job to boot.  Quite frankly, I'm feeling a bit burned out, and I don't want to spend the entire holiday stressed about getting someone's design finished and installed.

If you're on my list now, don't worry. You will get done.  This just applies to new orders. I expect to start back taking orders in January or perhaps February. If you need a small tweak to something I've already done for you though, like something stops acting right or you need a new sidebar title, then email me at  I might consider doing something small. It's just the big projects I need to take a break from for awhile.

Thanks, and see you after the New Year.