Saturday, March 12, 2011

Questionnaire Might Have Had a Hiccup

Hi, everyone. I was just informed that someone filled out my design questionnaire earlier in the week, but I never got the actual submitted form.  I remember on Twitter a few days ago that Google was having an issue with mail and that one of the people I was following couldn't get Google search to load.  I use Google Docs for the questionnaire/order form so I don't know if maybe whatever was going on with search and gmail might have also affected documents temporarily.

Anyway, if you have filled out the design questionnaire or the contact form this week and you haven't heard back from me, could you please send me an email at  I'm not purposefully ignoring you.  I just didn't get the submission.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

10% Off Sale and Facebook Services Now Added

Sometime this month I will be raising my prices. I hate to do it, but on most of the stuff I do, I'm lucky if I'm making a $1 an hour at my current prices. When I originally set them, I had no idea how long it would take me to do certain things. Now I do. I'm not sure what I'll be raising them to. I doubt it will be a huge increase, but it will increase some.

Therefore, for the next week, I will be having a lock in a low price sale. I'm offering 10 percent off the current prices between now and next Saturday. As long as you place your order by then and pay the invoice on time, I will honor the sales price. This includes all services, not just the package deals.

The sale is only applicable to NEW ORDERS ONLY.

With the help of Pagemodo, I am now doing Facebook welcome page designs as well. Please email me for a quote, either at or by using the contact link above. If you have used me in the past to do your design and just want your Facebook welcome page to coordinate with your blog design, the price will be lower than if I have to start from scratch. You can see Literal Exposure's welcome page below, and I hope to be able to post Mo Travel's welcome page as soon as she gets back from her latest trip.

Although I haven't had a chance to change my own header above, I can also do Wordpress designs. I will be starting my fifth Wordpress design on Monday or Tuesday. Eventually I want to redo my nav bar so as to put the Blogger and Wordpress portfolios on separate pages, but until I do, if you want to see past Wordpress designs, look for Review from Here, Literal Exposure, Deep End of the Puddle, and Dashing for Deals in my portfolio.

Sale ends on Saturday, March 12 at 11:59 pm EST.

New Wordpress, Twitter, and Facebook Design: Literal Exposure

Last night I finished installing three designs for Literal Exposure, a PR firm that promotes books through online book tours. The first was for the Literal Exposure blog. Here is its before and after:

The second was for Twitter:

The third was for Literal Exposure's welcome page on Facebook:

You can click on the images to visit each of the sites live. For Facebook, click on the welcome tab.