Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Sale Still Going On

Get 20% off all new orders now through Memorial Day. The discount applies to all services, including moving Blogger blogs to self-hosted Wordpress.

 BTW, to anyone who's followed me on Twitter or Google Friend Connect in the last couple of months, I am attempting to follow all of you back in the next few days. I've made it through most of my Twitter requests. Today or tomorrow I'll make it through GFC.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Sale!

20% off all new orders now through Memorial Day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Color Me Embarrassed: Finally Updating

You don't realize how long it's been since you updated until someone asks you for a list of the blogs you've done since the last update, and you look and realize your last update was last year. So now that I'm embarrassed, I figured I'd update before the list gets any longer. I know I'm probably forgetting some smaller stuff, like buttons and holiday headers. If I've done those for you since the last update and you don't see your design and corresponding link to your blog, please email me at, and I'll get you up just as soon as I get the email.


That's Swell (new header and matching Tumblr page)

Yumzees (theme used: Swift Basic) (theme used: Responsive; matching Twitter page to be uploaded soon)

Dogs Rule, Cats Drool (matching Twitter page, theme used: Atahualpa)

Freaky Frugalite (new header only)


Happy Spiritual Mama

J'Adore Happy Endings (new header only)

Marilyn's Musings

My Keeper Shelf (matching Twitter page too)

Reading Vacation (matching Twitter and business cards)

Ruby's Reads

Tales of Whimsy (new header and matching button)

The Angel Chronicles

The Lost Book Reports

The Running Economist (also matching Twitter)

Boston Twin Mommy (matching Twitter)

Unabridged Andra (for a steampunk month event)

Writing about Running (matching Twitter)

City Girl Who Loves to Read (this was a predone, or half predone template that I finished up)

I'm sure I missed someone. I know there were some buttons I could show. I'll have to do them later. Again if you don't see your design, please let me know, and I'll get right on posting a screenshot and link.