Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good News/Bad News

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, my motherboard on my old laptop, which really wasn't all that old, died without warning about a week ago. Luckily, I was able to get a new one, but unluckily I had to wait a week to access my old hard drive.  In case you've never lost a computer, what stores charge for the five to ten minutes it takes to remove your hard drive and put it in an enclosure is ridiculous, anywhere from $50 to $100 starting, and then it goes up based on how much info you want them to take off of it.  I got my own enclosure finally yesterday so, for those of you who I've done past designs for, I am now able to access your old files, including the master files with all the layers. Yay.  The bad news is I'm about a week behind now on work because I was in the middle of working on two web sites when the computer died.  I'm trying to finish them up today though, and then it's full speed ahead.

Check back too within the next day or two. I should have about six new sites to show you.  I just want to get the two new ones installed before I do all the screenshots.