Thursday, January 19, 2012


You know what they say about best laid plans...

Right after I wrote the last post, the sheriff showed up and served me, my sister, and my 11-year-old nephew with a dispossessory warrant to kick us out of the house. I'm not sure if I said it in the last post or not, but my sister lives in this apartment/mother-in-law's suite off of the back of my grandmother's house.  So now my grandmother is trying to kick her out, presumably in retaliation for us trying to get her help for the dementia.  Good times.

Anyway, since they did it on the the Friday before MLK Day, I couldn't even file an answer for all 3 of us until Tuesday morning.  My sister and nephew are considered tenants at will under the law, which means my grandmother had to give them 60 days notice to get out before filing for a writ. She gave them none.  I had to research and write up an answer to that effect. Thank goodness for law school and my free access to the Georgia Bar's case law database.

I also had to write one up saying I'm not a proper party, as I don't even live here. I have never lived here. I was only visiting for the holidays and then had to stay longer to deal with my grandmother's mental evaluation, yet I'm listed as a defendant. And don't even get me started on suing an 11 year old...

So I file that for us on Tuesday morning, only to find out that dear old granny put on her application for the dispossessory that all three of us are physically and mentally abusing her.  I can tell you right now I've never laid a hand on the old bat, but when I read that and all the implications of how having that on a court document to follow me around the rest of my life went through my head, I wanted to.  We've never abused her. If anything, it's been the other way around, esp. when she's having one of her fits/episodes, but who's going to believe us over an 80 year old woman?

I was going to go home Wednesday morning, but it was storming so I said I'd get up today. Then last night one of the neighbors comes out, drunk as can be, and starts yelling, "Shame, shame, shame!" at my nephew, who wasn't doing anything but getting his bike out of the yard, so that was fun.  When my sister went to bed last night, she told my nephew she had a feeling something bad was going to happen today since I was going home. It did.

Before I could even get out of my PJ's and pack up my car this morning, we hear someone ringing the doorbell. My dad was hear to see me before I left so he went around the house to see who it was. (The doorbell is only on the front entrance to my grandmother's house, not my sister's apartment.) I knew based on how long he was around there it wasn't just a vacuum cleaner salesman. It was something bad.

My dad eventually comes back and tells us this guy is in the driveway, and he's telling him that my grandmother is on the way with "the law" to forcibly remove us from the house.  I knew no writ had been signed because there's supposed to be a hearing next Thursday on the 60 day issue, yet this is a small town and small towns don't always abide by the law so I called up the magistrate court to double check. Nope, no writ had been signed so the clerk told me to call the cops.

I did. Then I had to throw on some clothes, pull my hair into a messy ponytail, and go around there and wait. When I showed the random guy in the driveway the paperwork, he threw up his hands, said he wasn't getting involved, and left. Then we saw he was a locksmith.  Basically, my grandmother thought she could just change the locks whenever she wanted because she filed that initial paperwork.  That's what happens when the people who are whispering in your ear and telling you to do these things think a few episodes of Judge Judy make up for three years of law school.  They don't.

The cop showed up not too long after the locksmith left. We explained what was going on. He seemed sympathetic and when my grandmother showed up sans the law, he explained to her she couldn't throw us out until the judge says so. She wasn't happy. Neither was her escort, a rep from Adult Protective Services.

Yep, Adult Protective Services.  She's convinced them we're all beating her up and that she needed an escort today to keep us from hurting her poor, old self. Have I mentioned I don't even live her to beat her up?  Not only that, but she told the cop and APS that I was embezzling money from her.  Hell, most days I don't even $10 in my checking account. I'm constantly worried about how I'm going to pay bills or buy groceries, but yet I'm embezzling money? Seriously?

So needless to say, I didn't go home today.  I've had to deal with this crap all day today.  My dad has called everyone he knows in the sheriff's and police departments. My sister is scared to death she's going to get arrested for elder abuse at any minute.  I'm worried about my law license.  Every time we hear a car drive by or see a police or sheriff's car, we jump. It's just a mess. I can't even believe this is my life right now. You try to help someone by getting them help before they hurt themselves or someone else, and this is what you get in return. Allegations of embezzlement and elder abuse and dispossessory warrant.  It's just so surreal.

Unless something happens yet again in the morning, I'm going home.  I feel like I need a bumper sticker that says Atlanta or Bust at this point. Then I'll start trying to catch up on this backlog of design work. Again I apologize for falling behind.  I would like to say if I had known that any of this would happen, I would have never gone to the court in the first place to get her the mental eval, but based on what Adult Protective Services said in the driveway, they received a complaint about us BEFORE we had her evaluated.  In other words, all of this would have happened regardless because my grandmother is an attention-hungry nut job who thinks she can make up one lie after another without any recourse.

Again I'm sorry for the delay.