Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Blogger Design: Mo Travels

My newest design is for Monique from Mo Travels. Monique wanted a blog design that incorporated green, fuchsia, and purple and an avatar version of herself. Here is Mo Travel's before shot:

And here is the site's after:

Everything is handdrawn except the suitcase the avatar is sitting on and the fleur de lis. The suitcase is a stock image that already had the colors and everything I needed so I figured that there was no reason to draw my own version. I also did a Twitter page for Monique and restructured the blog images so that they would work with a Pagemodo Facebook template. Here is the new Twitter page:

On wider resolutions, you'll be able to see the footer images to the right side of the Twitter box. I don't have a shot of the Facebook page yet, but once it's installed, I will post shots.